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If you wish to apply to the Korean Language Institute, you must apply for a student visa (D-4) or for a short-term visa (C-3).
To apply for a student visa, first you must apply for admission and be accepted for korean language program at our Language Institute in advance, at least one month beforehand. After being accepted, university will produce the original acceptance document called <Letter of Admission> which you will have to bring to the Korean Embassy to obtain a visa.

Regular Training (D-4)

If you plan to take more than two semesters (6 months), it is recommended that you apply for a D-4 visa.
The initial validity of the D-4 visa is from 6 months, and its further extension is possible up to 2 years.
It is necessary to prepare all the required documents, apply them and pass interview at the Korean Embassy or Consulate in your country.
The required documents may vary depending on specific country. Please check it out beforehand with the Korean Consulate in your area.
To proceed D-4 visa application it usually take about one month, so if you want to get right at time, it would be better to start visa application procedure in advance at least for 2 months before the next semester begins.
To know requirements for D-4 visa documents preparation, please refer to “Regular Course Registration” admission page.GO

C-3 Short-term Visa

Students who are going to participate in study process during only for one semester (10 weeks) have chance to apply for C-3 short-term visa, which will allow to stay in Korea up to 3 months (90 days).

Required Documents for C-3 Visa Application

  • 1. Place of Submission: Korean Embassy or Consulate in your country
  • 2. Required Documents :
  • 1) One original document – Letter of Admission
    2) Copy of Passport
    3) One picture
    4) Other additional documents (vary on specific country)
  • Korean embassy and consulate site .GO
  • C-3 visa can not be extended for more period after pass of 90 days of stay, so there is possible option to change visa status to D-4. In case of changing visa from C-3 to D-4 it may be required to leave the country and return back again.

Required Documents to change from C-3 to D-4 visa status

  • 1. Where to change: Immigration Office
  • 2. Required Documents :
  • 1) Passport
    2) Certificate of academic records
    3) Admission Letter
    4) Color photograph (3.5cm x 4.5cm) x 1
    5) Certificate of enrollment from Korean Language Institute
    6) Tuition payment receipt
    7) Certificate of bank balance (in Korean bank / balance over 3 million won)
    8) Commision 100,000 won
    9) Application form (Immigration Office No. 34 sheet)
Submission documents may be added or changed.

If you wish to extend your stay longer than the permitted period, you must apply for extension by preparing the documents at least 2 weeks before expiration.

Visa extension

  • Place : Immigration office or same branch office near your place of residence
  • Required documents : Certificate of attendance x1, Tuition Payment Receipt x1, Immigration Office Application Form, Passport, Alien Registration Card, Picture x1 (3.5cm×4.5cm)
  • How to Apply Online : http://www.hikorea.go.kr (Online reservation> visit immigration office> Get permission and extension for stay)