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Introduction to Korean Language Institute

We invite you to prestigious
Christian Chongshin University.

Along with the economic development of Korea the spread of interest in Korean language and culture is increasing these days. In the globalizing age it is a huge competitive advantage for an individual to understand and acquire the language and culture of one specific nation.

The young mind that is the light and the salt of the world.


In this age, age of big changes and demands, Chongshin University runs Korean and Korean cultural programs for many foreigners.

We have qualified teachers with many years of experience, administration staffs, an advanced educational facilities and environment, best systematic training programs for the students from all over the world to have the best language learning experience.

Studying together at Chongshin University Korean Language Institute, students from various countries will be able not only to gain fluent abilities in Korean but also to experience global culture.

“The young mind that is the light and the salt of the world”
Welcome to the Korean Language Institute at Chongshin University.
Thank you.


Administration Staff

Position Name Responsibilities Tel. E-mail
Dean Oh Sae Huoung Dean (02)3479-0622 [email protected]
Team Leader Gong Dong Seong Education Management (02)3479-0622 [email protected]
Manager Park Su Bin Administrative Management (02)3479-0612 [email protected]
Staff Lee Hakyeong Administrative Management (02)3479-0612  [email protected]
Korean Language Institute, e-mail : [email protected]

Chongshin University Location

Korean Language Institute Location


◈ 2nd Jonghap-Kwan No.115

  • Tel.: 02)595-5789
  • Fax : 02)595-5313
  • E-mail : [email protected]
  • Address: (Postal: 06988) 143 Sadang-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul

Ho to get to the University from Inchon Airport

◈ 1) Airport limousine

  • Route : #6019 (Naebang station ↔ Inchon Airport)
  • Route working hours : To Incheon Airport direction (first – 4:30 / last – 20:40)
  • . To Seoul city (first – 6:35 / last – 23:00)
  • Bus gate location in Inchon : 6B / 13A
  • Apx. arrive time: 30 ~ 40 minutes
  • Bus ticket price : 15,000 won


◈ 2) Subway (Apx. arrive time: 1 hour)

Depart Transit 1 Transit 2 Arrive
Incheon International Airport (Airport Railway) Seoul station (⇒ 4 line) Isu station (⇒ 7 line) NamSong Station (7 line)

Public Transportation

◈ 1) How to get there by bus

University Main Gate Bus #752,  #14

◈ 2) How to get there by subway

2 line Get off at Nakseongdae Station exit No. 5, Take the bus No. 14, go directly to university main gate
4 line Take off at Exit No.14 from Isu station. Take the bus number 752. Get off in front of Chongshin main gate
7 line Take of at the exit 3 Namsong station:
a. Go straight walk 200m until university main gate
b. Take bus No.752 near Namsong station and go 2 station until reaching university main gate

Chongshin University Korean Language School is located in the center of Seoul, the west Gangnam district, having close transportation routes –  subway lines 4 and 7, making it easy to get to the school.

Seoul station Chongshin De : 20 min
MyonDong station Chongshin De: 20 min.
Gangnam station Chongshin De: 25 min.
Kosoktominol station Chongshin De : 15 min.
Inchon station Chongshin De : 1 hour