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Korean Language Regular Course [Offline]

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Korean Language Regular Program includes four semesters in a year (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). The duration of one semester is 10 weeks. Korean Language Regular Course intended for foreign as well as ethnic Korean students who want to systematically study Korean language and after reaching appropriate proficiency, going to enroll to one of the Korean University for undergraduate or master degree programs, otherwise to seek for a job. The effectiveness of this educational program is that it is based on communication of such parts as speech, listening, reading and writing. For each class (level), there are two teachers who guide each student at each process of learning, help to improve communication skills, and also help the student to adapt to Korean life and culture.

Course Structure

Period Classes Lectures Total Study Hours Group Size
10 weeks Mon – Fri 1-2 class 09:00 – 10:50 200 up to 15 people
3-4 class 11:10 – 13:00

Program contents

Level Core Contents
Beginner 1 level
  • Understand pronunciation system and learn applications of basic consonant, vowel and suffix.
  • Understand basic units of sentences, grammatical forms and orders.
  • Learn following basic expressions for living in Korea
    (Greetings, self-introduction, times, dates, weather, daily routines, shopping, finding places, telephone conversation and etc.)
2 level
  • Can pronounce more complicated words accurately.
  • Understand short and medium length sentence structures.
  • Learn following basic expressions
    (Hobbies, Journal writings, simple questions, living stories, making Korean friends, introducing friends etc.)
Intermediate 3 level
  • Learn vocabularies that express everyday emotions and feelings.
  • Improve natural conversation with Koreans based on understanding Korean ways of thinking, everyday lifestyles and its culture.
  • Learn to make appointment, telephone conversation, invite friends, refuse, apologies and engage in various topics such as health.
4 level
  • Can converse naturally with Koreans on general topics.
  • Understand Korea through various Korean cultural experience such as sports, entertainment, performances.
  • Understand Korean ways of thinking via idioms, proverbs, and structure of Chinese characters.
  • Learn trends of modern Korean language through activities like visiting, observational tours and media applications
    (TV drama and movies).
Advanced 5 level
  • Can make new sentences naturally, based on understanding change of various vocabularies and speeches.
  • Advanced thinking ability by conducting surveys on everyday life styles, and researching newspaper columns and general newspaper articles.
  • Learn basic essay writings for academic purposes, such as entering into undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Korean universities.
6 level
  • Improve good commend of vocabularies and pronunciation similar to those of native speakers via various discussions.
  • Conduct seminar classes for discussion activities.
  • Can express unique implications/nuance of Korean language.
  • Foster future vision and appreciative eyes by conducting research and essay writing according to individual interests and fields.


 *Please note that the application for admission may be closed early due to restrictions on the quota stipulated by the immigration office.
Semester Semester Duration Placement Test
and Orientation

  • General
  • China
  • Domestic
2024 Spring 13 Mar ~ 23 May 10 Mar 31 Jan 31 Jan 31 Jan
2024 Summer  12 Jun ~ 22 Aug 09 Jun 12 May 12 May 12 May
2024 Fall  10 Sep ~ 22 Nov 05 Sep 26 JUL 26 JUL 26 JUL
2024 Winter 10 Dec ~ 25 Feb(’25) 11 Dec 04 Nov 04 Nov 04 Nov


Must attend at least 80% of total study hours.
Otherwise, if the attendance is less than 80% it is not possible to go to the next level.
(Total study hours: 200,  80% attendance: 160 hours)

Level up

You have to gain 70 points in total for the midterm and the final terms.

Criteria to enter the program

Foreigners or ethnic Koreans (Koreans residing abroad) who hold at least high school graduation certificate.

Required documents

The main package of documents which must be submitted to the university

  • 1. Application Form & Self Introduction Download
  • 2. Passport copy
  • 3. A copy of Diploma (minimum requirement having a high school diploma)
    (Translated into English, notarized, Apostilled)
  • 4. A copy of Grades (addition to diploma)
    (Translated into English, notarized, Apostilled)
  • 5. Certificate of Balance on a Bank Account (10,000 USD or more)
  • 6. Passport or ID of both parents

Additional documents (must be submitted additionally upon the request of admission office)

  • 1. Certificate of parents income
  • 2. Birth certificate

chinaRequired documents for Chinese applicants

Document Specification Remark

Application form
Submit online application or download application form from “Downloads” page, fill out the form and submit by email.

Study Plan
Write a study plan and motivation for studying Korean language within self introduction part.

Passport copy
A copy of the passport (colored)

Last school diploma
(Notarization by China Ministry of Education)
High school graduates:

High school diploma / scanned copy

College graduates:

High school diploma and college diploma / scanned copy

University or College Students:

High school diploma / scanned copy
A copy  of enrollment certificate or graduation certificate

Last school transcripts
All school records transcripts / scanned copies

Financial statement

Certificate of bank balance
Parent income certificate
Financial statement: RMB 50,000 or more
Bank balance certificate expiration date – 6 months from the application date
Bank branch telephone number, name of contact person

Family Certificate

Copy of Hugubu, notarized certificate of kinship (English)
Copy of student and parents identification card
A copy of the student and parent’s family registration / scanned copy
Copy of student and parent identification card / scanned copy
Notarized certificate of kinship
In case of parental divorce or death, should submit appropriate certificate

Occupation after graduation
(If not graduated immediately)
If you are not a graduate of the current year must submit a certificate of occupation between graduation date and current date (career certificate etc.) / scanned copy

Document from guarantor
(If not graduated immediately)
One copy of original notarized certificate and one original copy of certificate of employer or guarantor.

3 pictures
(If not graduated immediately)
3.5 cm ×4.5 cm half-board photo

Registration Procedure

  • Online Application through the Website
  • Submit Required Documents
  • Documents review and result notification, tuition payment guide
  • Pay for tuition and submit a receipt.
  • Course Enrollment Certificate production
  • Visa Acquisition and Entry

Payment for Tuition

Tuition fees

  • Entrance Fee : 50,000 won
  • Tuition fee : 1,450,000 won (1 semester / 10 weeks)
  • Textbooks fee (per semester 40,000 ~ 65,000 won), must pay separately.
  • (In the case of the transfer of tuition funds from abroad, there are cases of underpayment or overpayment. In both possible cases, the administration will make an evaluation and notify the student after the beginning of the semester)

Payment method

  • Bank name : 우체국 (Korea Post Office, Seoul, South Korea)
  • Account number : 013540-01-007630 (swift code : SHBKKRSEKPO)
  • Account Holder : 총신교육원 (CHONGSHIN EDUCATION CENTER)
    • Once the admission office has made the decision on students admission, it will be separately presented an invoice for tuition fees payment, only then should pay. The name of the sender of funds must match with the applicant’s name.
  • Transfer of funds from abroad

  • Account Holder : CHONGSHIN EDUCATION CENTER (총신교육원)
  • Account number : 013540-01-007630
  • Phone number : (+82) 2-3479-0612
  • Fax : (+82) 2-595-5313
  • Email : [email protected]

Dormitory (temporarily closed due to COVID19)

In order to reserve a dormitory need to fill out appropriate part within the application form for Korean Language Regular Program. Also, you can separately download the application form from the page “Downloads”, fill out and submit an application by university email. Admission committee will receive and review application, and after will announce reservation details individually (number of rooms is limited).
Dormitory Information

Cancellation and the Money Refund

  • 1. Before the opening date of the semester : full refund of tuition fee
  • 2. Up to 1/3 of the total study hours : refunding back 2/3 of tuition fee
  • 3. Less than half of the total study hours : 1/2 refund back
  • 4. After 1/2 of full-time study hours : non refundable
  • The entrance fee is non-refundable.
  • Counting the total study hours starts with the beginning of the semester, and the calculation of the amount for refund starts from the date when student has submited application for refund.
  • In case of return of funds to abroad, the applicant must bear all costs of the transfer (bank fees, taxes, etc).
  • While student has already obtained a visa, refunding is possible only after, when all required documents upon request of the admission office will be submitted to the university.
  • In the case of dropping out, if the attendance rate for the semester is less than 80%, the tuition for the semester cannot be refunded.
  • Students can not get their tuition fee with D4 visa for purposes other than studying abroad and apply for a change to another visa, such as a refugee visa, cannot refund their tuition.


When applying only for one semester, it is possible to obtain C-3 visa.
When applying only for two or more semesters, it is possible to obtain D-4 visa.