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National Health Insurance

All foreign students who enrolled at Korean Language Program must obtain international students’ health insurance (national health insurance or domestic / foreign insurance) to ensure that students are treated safely in case of injury or illness during stay in Korea. To obtain or extend your visa having an insurance is required.

Types of insurance are: ① National health insurance, ② Foreign student insurance obtained from student’s country, which can cover medical services in Korea


Foreign students who live in Korea, have a place of residence and wish to obtain National Health Insurance

How to Apply

1) Sign up : Health Insurance Corporation

Contact (1577-1000, http://www.nhic.or.kr)
Foreign Language Guide at Seoul Global Center (02-2075-4180, http://global.seoul.go.kr)

2) Required Documents : Alien registration ID and Certificate of Enrollment for study program
3) Insurance fee (National Health Insurance) : approx. 45,000 won / month

Insurance benefits

Equal insurance benefits as for Koreans, pay 30% from hospitalization and medical treatment fee.

Using insurance for foreign student, and you will receive cut of price from medical expenses (medical expenses, drug expenses, etc.). need to sign up for at least six-month or one-year term, and when the period expires it will be possible to extend the period.


All foreign students who did not obtain National Health Insurance

How to apply

When paying for tuition fees need to select ‘I am applying for insurance’ and pay for all together, otherwise visit Korean Language Office to apply.

Insurance Fees

6 month approx. 100,000 won


[Outpatient treatment] Injury, illness : a day (1 time visit) – compensation up to 250,000 won
※ Have to pay : Clinic 10,000 won, General Hospital 15,000 won, University general hospital 20,000 won
[Inpatient treatment] Injury, illness : 90% compensation of total medical expenses (limit 10 million won)
※ Have to pay : 10% from total medical expenses
[Medicine value] Medicine recipe certificate : a day (1 time visit) – compensation up to 50,000 won
※ Have to pay : 8,000 won

How to claim for insurance compensation

1) Подготовка документов

  • 1) Insurance receipt .DOWNLOAD
  • 2) Bank account number, alien registration card, insurance card
  • 3) Receipt of hospital expenses and receipt of medication fee
  • ※ In some cases, the insurance company may request additional documents.

2) Claim Procedure

  • 1) Pay full amount of medical fee when visiting hospital and pharmacy
  • 2) Refer medical and pharmacy receipts with required documents above to the insurance manager
  • 3) Approximately after two weeks compensation will be refunded to your bank account
There are some cases that are not compensated for, for more information and details please ask the administration office.
(Korean Language Administration Office : 02-595-5789)

Informational desk in for multi language support

Emergency tel: 119(English, Japanese, Chinese possible)
Hospital information and consultation : 1339(Korean, English)
Seoul Global Center: 02-1688-0120 (http://global.seoul.go.kr)
Address: 3rd Floor, Chung-Gu, 25 Taepyongno 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
International clinic :790-0857 (http://www.e-internationalclinic.com)
Address: 5th Floor, Hannam Building, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Foreign Patient Emergency Connection Service : 790-7561(Membership)