Come Join our “Environmental Movie Translation & Discussion Group”

Come Join our “Environmental Movie Translation & Discussion Group”

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Hello there!

This is Saemi the Activist who works for Green Korea United, a local non-profit-and-non-governmental environmental organization.


So, how’s your life in Korea going? All good?

I bet some of your worries in your Korean life, if there’s any, are rooted in ever-worsening air pollution (Particulate Matter; [mi-se-meon-ji]) and record-breaking heat wave.

Indeed, the whole globe is talking about climate change, air pollution and stuff these days…

However, has anyone around you ever told you what it really is and what we can do about it?


If that’s the case, why not join <Movie Buff Translates Climate Change>?


MBTCC is an ‘Environmental Film Translation & Discussion Project’ where a group of like-minded people gather and watch a good film about climate change/air pollution issues together.

We’ll have meetings once or twice a month for the next few months (up until September), and during that time, we’ll not just talk about the movie but also TRANSLATE it into the Korean language — so that more Korean will be able to enjoy it, too!

And later this year, we will hold a screening event!


Sounds exciting?

Then please join us NOW!


We will WATCH, TALK, TRANSLATE and SHOW an environmental film together!

And YOU can talk about what things are like in your home country.


If you…


  • speak fluent English and a little Korean;
  • are concerned about climate change/air pollution (or any other environmental issues);
  • like going to the movies…


Then MBTCC is for you!


You’re going to be able to…


  • discuss environmental issues with like-minded people;
  • make friends with Korean folks (who are also concerned about climate change and all that…);
  • practice your Korean;
  • participate in movie translation work & screening event!!!

[Orientation Session]


14:00, Sat. Jun. 8 @Green Korea United (Seongbuk-dong, near Hansung Univ. Stn. Line 4)






* If there’s any question, just give me a ring (070-7438-8531) or drop me an e-mail (