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Online Regular Course Notice

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The regular Korean course runs for four semesters a year (spring, summer, fall, winter), and is a 10-week course per semester. The regular Korean course was opened for foreigners and Koreans who want to study Korean systematically to go to Korean universities and graduate schools or get a job. This course is an integrated communication-oriented education program that integrates speaking, listening, reading, and writing, with two teachers teaching one class, and you can improve communication skills through activities related to Korean culture and life, and enhance learning effects by expanding understanding of Korean culture.

The online regular Korean course is designed to provide an opportunity to study Korean for more students, and all classes are conducted in the same way as the offline regular course. You can take Korean classes while communicating with students from various countries online (Zoom) in your home country.


  • 1. The online regular course is the same as the offline regular class
    – The same curriculum will be conducted using the same textbook as the offline regular class with professors at Chongshin University’s Korean Language Institute.
  • 2. Issuing the Certificate of Completion
    – Students who met the completion criteria will be given the Certificate of Completion.
    – You will be assigned in Level 2 when you apply for the offline course later with the certificate.
  • 3. Communicating with the professor in real time and having a class with friends from various nationalities
    – Unlike Internet courses where you study alone, you can communicate with professors and friends of various nationalities in real time to improve your Korean skills more effectively.
    – It is a small class consisting of about 12 students, so you can exchange feedback more actively.
  • 4. Close management of the Korean Language Institute’s administrative office
    – You can communicate with the Korean Language Institute’s administrative office in real time through Kakao Talk and handle inquiries more easily.
    * Operation hour of the administrative office: 9 a.m. ~ 5 p.m. (Korean time)
  • 5. An online Korean contest
    – In addition to class, an online Korean contest is held where students can participate, providing them with opportunities to actually use Korean and communicate with their friends.
  • 6. As much as you work hard, you get a reward
    – We support your studies by providing scholarships to all students who meet the scholarship criteria.


* Foreigners or overseas Koreans who are interested in Korean and have higher education than high school graduation.
* Foreigners or overseas Koreans who can take classes in real time according to Korean class hours.

Time Table

Duration Day Class Time Total Hour Students per class
3/16~5/25 Mon-Fri 1st – 2nd class 11:00 – 13:00 4 hours about 12 students
3rd – 4th class 14:00 – 16:00

Curriculum content

Level Contents
Beginner Level 1
  • Understanding the pronunciation system of Hangul and acquire basic knowledge about the use of consonants, vowels, and suffix.
  • Understanding basic units of sentences, grammatical forms and orders.
  • Learning following basic expressions for living in Korea
    (Greetings, self-introduction, times, dates, weather, daily routines, shopping, finding places, telephone conversation and etc.)
Level 2
  • Being able to pronounce more complicated words accurately.
  • Understanding short and medium length sentence structures.
  • Learning following basic expressions
    (Hobbies, Journal writings, simple questions, living stories, making Korean friends, introducing friends etc.)
* In this online regular course, only Level 1 class will be opened.


<참 한국어 1> Student’s book & Workbook

We’re going to distribute textbooks in PDF files.
(PDF file format must be opened in your home country.)

is a textbook for foreign learners learning Korean for the first time and deals with basic grammar for Korean composition and Korean speech. It is a book compiled by writers who have long had Korean teaching experience at domestic and foreign universities, and is designed to make it easy for foreign learners to follow and learn Korean.

Qualification for completion

Attendance rate over 70%, Total score over 700

Required Documents

  • 1. Application form, Self-introduction
  • 2. Passport Copy
  • 3. a Copy of Diploma (English translated)
    * Please send the documents to our email (korean@csklsi.ac.kr).
    * When you send us an email, please write down your name and type of the course. ex) Name_Onlinecourse

Registration Procedure

  • Online application
    through the website
  • Documents
  • Notifying the result
    and guiding the tuition payment
  • Paying for the tuition and submitting the remittance statement
  • Sending PDF files of textbooks and links to online classes by email

Tuition payment

Tuition Fee

  • A. Application Fee : 50,000 KRW
  • B. Tuition Fee : 1,400,000 KRW
  • C. Textbook : Free


  • A. Before the opening of the semester : Refunding all tuition fees
  • B. Before half of the semester is over : Half refund for tuition
  • C. After half of the semester is over : No refund
  • The Application Fee is non-refundable.
  • In the case of overseas refunds, the applicant himself or herself has to pay the remittance fee.


  • 1. Qualifications: Attendance rate over 80%, Final Score over 800
  • 3. Scholarship Amount: 20% of tuition
  • 3. How to apply for the scholarship: Submit an application for a scholarship within 30 days of completion


  • 1. PDF files for textbooks are distributed free of charge.
  • 2. Certificate of Completion can be issued.
  • 3. Scholarship can be given.


Professor at Chongshin University’s Korean Language Institute who has extensive experience in field lectures

Q & A

Q1. Can I get a visa if I enter an online regular course?

– No, we don’t give you the documents necessary for visa issuance in the online regular course.

Q2. Is there an age limit or a national limit when applying for online regular courses?

– No. Anyone with a high school diploma or higher can apply for the online regular course.

Q3. Do I take online regular course with offline regular course students?

– No, the online regular course is operated in a separate class. However, all curricula proceed the same as offline regular classes.

Q4. Can I get a discount?

– No, we don’t offer any discount. However, you can get a scholarship if you meet the scholarship criteria.

Q5. How can I get the Certificate of Completion?

– We send you the copy of the certificate to everyone by email. If you need the original certificate, please apply separately and we will send it by airmail. However, the fee incurred in the mail is borne by the person who completed it.
* Other questions and answers can be made through e-mail or Kakao Talk at the Korean Language Institute.