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Friend of faith

Friend of faith

By joseph0824| 2021-09-01T01:05:51+00:00 September 1st, 2021|

Hello, everyone.
I’m Joseph.
I support you who are studying Korean at Chongshin University in Korea.

I’m looking for a friend of faith.
I am a preacher who wants to deliver God in English.
But I have to improve my English.
So I seek a friend of faith who can communicate and learn in English.

1. I wish you were a believer in God.
2. I want to teach you Korean and learn English from you.
3. It’s enough if you can hear and speak Korean even a little bit.

I’m not just looking for friends.
I am looking for a partner who will share faith in God.

My Kakao ID is ‘onlyjejus’.

Thank you.